My Dinner With Werner (Robinson, TX, 18 mins)

Directed by Maverick Moore.  Written by Maverick Moore & Ryan McNamara

2021 comedy flavored shorts

Blocks (Burbank, CA, 11 mins) 

Written & Directed by Bridget Moloney

Javelina Run (Austin, TX, 19 mins) 

Directed by Aaron Hale.  Written by Lisa Belcher

20 Minutes To Life (Canada, 12 mins)

Written & Directed by Veronika Kurz

Coco and Colby (Burbank, CA, 8 mins)

Written & Directed by Emma Sofia Fazzuoli & Clare O'Connor

A New Leash On Life (Vancouver, Canada, 11 mins)

Directed by Daniel Jeffrey.  Written by Mackenzie Warner

Coffee Shop Names (Los Angeles, CA, 8 mins) 

Written & Directed by Deepak Sethi


The Tall Bike Joust (Birmingham, AL, 15 mins)

Directed by Sam Frazier Jr.  Written by Sam Frazier Jr. & Kevin Van Hyning

First (Bayonne, NJ, 6 mins)

Directed by Sam Platizky & William R. Farley. Written by Sam Platizky

Joining Call (Los Angeles, CA, 12 mins)

Directed by Ash Blodgett.  Written by Patrick Edwards