The Kaleidoscope Guy At The Market (Los Angeles, CA, 21 mins) OKLAHOMA PREMIERE

Directed by Russell Brown

Counter/Balance (Chicago, IL, 7 mins) OKLAHOMA PREMIERE

Directed by Anuradha Rana

New Mexico Rain: The Story of Bill & Bonnie Hearne (USA, 26 mins)

Directed by Bunee Tomlinson

Becoming Ocean (Ridgewood, NY, 9 mins) OKLAHOMA PREMIERE

Directed by Scott K. Foley, Written by Eiren Caffall

Yes!  Women in Science! (Norman, OK, 12 mins)

Directed by Dennis Spielman

2019 documentary shorts​

Ridin' Ropin' & Jumpin' Over Cars (Dublin, TX, 26 mins)

Written & Directed by Elaine Smith