Odd Bird (San Luis Obispo, CA, 9 mins) 

Written & Directed by Katy Dore

Heights (Northbridge, MA, 13 mins)

Written & Directed by Major Dorfman

Bring The Gun (Albuquerque, NM, 9 mins)

Directed by Jeffrey M. Williams.  Written by Brandon Carter & Jeffrey M. Williams

Motherhood (New York, NY, 8 mins)

Directed by David Tyson Lam.  Written by Edna Luise Biesold

Closed for the Weekend (Chicago, IL, 8 mins) 

Directed by Sean Patrick Leonard. Written by Jordan Graves

2021 drama shorts​

Baby (Austin, TX, 8 mins) 

Written & Directed by Paulina Manseau

Alina (Los Angeles, CA, 25 mins) 

Directed by Rami Kodeih.  Written by Nora Mariana Salim

45 to Sunrise (Springfield, MO, 11 mins)

Written & Directed by Jeff Simmons

Burnt Toast (Agoura Hills, CA, 12 mins) 

Written & Directed by Navid Saedi & Aleksandar Popovic

Monopoly Game (USA, 12 mins)

Written & Directed by Braden Friedman 

Mickey Hardaway (USA, 19 mins) 

Written & Directed by Marcellus Cox

Planet Cozmo (USA, 18 mins)

Directed by Jack Campise.  Written by Giovanna Zavala

Retirement Day (San Antonio, TX 12 mins)

Directed by Cedric Thomas Smith.  Written by Bill Haas & Cedric Thomas Smith

Save All Who Dare (Milwaukee, WI, 7 mins)

Written & Directed by Erika Kirkstein-Zastrow