Horse Girl (Los Angeles, CA, 11 mins) 

Directed by Jack Campise.  Written by Giovanna Zavala

Aurora (Von Ormy, TX, 10 mins) 

Written & Directed by Paulina Manseau

Love You Tyler (New York, NY, 9 mins)

Directed by Ari Itkin & Devon Diffenderfer.  Written by Devon Diffenderfer

Within Reach (Farner, TN, 9 mins)

Written & Directed by Heather Fusari

After Emma (Los Angeles, CA, 10 mins) 

Written & Directed by Gabrielle Stone

Lost & Found (New York, NY, 12 mins)

Written & Directed by Adam DeCarlo

Meet Cute (Burbank, CA, 7 mins)

Directed by Jason C. Brown.  Written by Erin O'Shea

Joshua (USA, 14 mins)

Written & Directed by Chase Casanova

2021 love...and other bizarre concepts

Main Squeeze (Canada, 16 mins)

Written & Directed by Brendan Prost

2 Weeks (Brooklyn, NY, 8 mins) 

Directed by Victoria Negri.  Written by Margarita Zhitnikova.

The Lost Weekend (Helmetta, NJ, 14 mins) 

Written & Directed by Ryan O'Leary

Appetite (Brooklyn, NY, 13 mins) 

Directed by Stacey Maltin.  Written by Margarita Zhitnikova

How To End A Conversation (Los Angeles, CA, 7 mins) 

Directed by Gregory JM Kasunich.  Written by Phillip Musumeci