US MX (Mariana Del Rey, CA, 16 mins) 

Written & Directed by Joseph O Hooten

Party Magic (Orange, CA, 7 mins)

Written & Directed by Sam Brown

When Pigs Fly (Tulsa, OK, 9 mins)

Written & Directed by Simona Gatto

Carrier (Tulsa, OK, 15 mins)

Directed by Stephanie Alecia Rose & Brandon Smallwood.  Written by Marquis Smallwood

Queens (Oklahoma City, OK, 16 mins)

Directed by Rogelio Almeida.  Written by Victor Caballero

Gallery (OK, 10 mins)

Directed by Kato Buss

Totsu (Tulsa, OK, 11 mins)

Written & Directed by Jeremy Charles

Assisted Living (Edmond, OK, 20 mins)

Directed by Mitchel Allen & Kasey Engle.  Written by Mitchel Allen

Iapetus (Choctaw, OK, 10 mins)

Written & Directed by Eric Kuritz

2021 Oklahoma MADE shorts

Betas (New York, NY/Owasso, OK, 14 mins)

Written & Directed by Keith Walker

What People Are (Oklahoma City, OK, 6 mins)

Written & Directed by Jordan Wilson

The Stand-In (Oklahoma City, OK, 18 mins)

Written & Directed by Yousef Kazemi

Send Me Wings (Oklahoma City, OK, 14 mins)

Directed by Lance McDaniel.  Written by Rachel Cannon, Melissa Scaramucci & Lance McDaniel

Srkana (Palo Alto, CA, 13 mins)

Directed by Dinesh Das Sabu

The Fisherman (Midwest City, OK, 15 mins)

Directed by Ben Richardson & Adrian Contreras.  Directed by Ben Richardson, Adrian Contreras & Eduardo Azuri 

Driven (OK, 17 mins)

Directed by Cody Wilson