Homecoming Trilogy (Oklahoma City, OK, 16 mins) Director: Lance McDaniel.  Showing with Okie Made

As She Goes (Tulsa, OK, 7 mins) Director: Audrey Kurtz. Showing with Okie Made

The Last Dronie (Woodward, OK, 1 mins) Director: Chris Castor.  Showing with Okie Made

A Stiff Proposal (7 mins) Director: Brian Gililland.  Showing with Okie Made

Flutter (Woodward, OK, 1 min) Director: Chris Castor.  Showing with Okie Made

Our Home (Oklahoma City, OK, 21 mins) Director: Bunee Tomlinson.  Showing with Documentary Shorts

The Highway (Edmond, OK, 11 mins) Director: Caleb Henry.  Showing with Okie Made

GreenWood (Midwest City, OK, 5 mins) Director: Jairus B. Burks.  Showing with Okie Made

The Grave (Edmond, OK, 23 mins) Director: Kyle Roberts.  Showing with Okie Made

Unlucky Day (Broken Arrow, OK, 17 mins) Director: Ian Harrup.  Showing with Okie Made

2018 Oklahoma shorts

Repercussion (Midwest City, OK, 20 mins) Director: Ben Richardson.  Showing with Okie Made

Uktena and Thunder (9 mins) Director: Joseph Erb.  Showing with Okie Made

More Tomorrow (Norman, OK, 10 mins) Director: Madison Bready.  Showing with Okie Made

Friday Night In Frederick (Dallas, TX, 13 mins) Director: Jonathon Quam.  Showing with Documentary Shorts

Breathe (Oklahoma City, OK, 10 mins) Director: Cody Wilson.  Showing with Documentary Shorts