Retirement Day (San Antonio, TX, 12 mins)

Directed by Cedric Thomas Smith.  Written by Bill Has & Cedric Thomas Smith

Curtains (Chicago, IL, 25 mins) 

Directed by Gar Hoover.  Written by Gar Hoover & Beth Hoover

Falling From Arms (Chicago, IL, 12 mins) 

Directed by Sean Patrick Leonard.  Written by Matthew Lucki

Tacos for [Redacted] (Reno, NV, 10 mins) 

Directed by Emily Style-Gordon.  Written by Aaron Foster

Odd Bird (San Luis Obispo, CA, 9 mins) 

Written & Directed by Katy Dore

Baby (Austin, TX, 8 mins) 

Written & Directed by Paulina Manseau

Death of the Party (Vancouver, Canada, 10 mins) 

Directed by Melanie M Jones.  Written by Justin Anthony

2020 opening night shorts

Remotely Working (St. Charles, MO, 11 mins) 

Directed by Garrett Tripp. Written by William Baber.

Treacle (USA, 18 mins) 

Directed by Rosie Westhoff.  Written by April Kelley.

Compartmentalization Storage Facility (Los Angeles, CA, 5 mins) 

Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez, Written by Donny Rodriguez