Blood Trigger by Ron Podell.  LOGLINE: A female assassin envisions an opportunity at a new life when she falls for her latest target — a decision that triggers a bloody and surprising end result. She has to protect her unborn child, learn how to create a family she has never known and, ultimately, take down the company that has sworn to kill her if she is ever going to find true peace.​

Children of the Dead by Jeff Bassetti.  LOGLINE: Tib and Scott arrive late to class after meeting with the principal because they were fighting over Kelly. A scream out in the hall snaps the class to attention. It got in. That's what it does. 

Dear Tom Hardy: I Love You by Waide Riddle.  LOGLINE: Nine year old Shawn Williams has been writing his favorite movie star every week for over a year and a half. What happens when Mr. Hardy actually replies?

Four Negro Girls in a Church by Phillip Hardy.  LOGLINE: When four African American girls are slain in a bombing, their families valiantly battle grief, one mother dreams they’re still alive and an honorable lawyer becomes obsessed with bringing their killer to justice.

Halfway Home by David Schroeder.  LOGLINE: A recently paralyzed young man's troubled spirit and intellectual pride are challenged as a live-in supervisor in a halfway house for the mentally disabled.

Harm For The Holidays by Jonathan LaPoma.  LOGLINE: After his younger brother attempts suicide a few weeks before Christmas, an asshole with a heart of gold moves back in with his dysfunctional family to help his brother, only to find his brother helps him.

Horses on Mars by Eric Law Anderson.  LOGLINE: A small band of microbes are thrust into outer space by a meteor impact and embark on a journey across space and time to find the way back home.

I Love You Kristi Miller by Scott Martin.  LOGLINE: An intelligent and adventurous young woman searches for her identity until tragedy strikes.

Last of the Breed by Kyle Kauwika Harris.  LOGLINE: An ex-con released from prison and looking to get retribution on a former crime boss enacts a plan to take down a series of safe houses used by a cartel syndicate, while a young female FBI Agent requests the help of a small town Sheriff who struggles with the release of his book to aid in her investigation.

Lessons in an American Sunset by Kyle Kauwika Harris.  LOGLINE: An escaped convict, seeking revenge for his past, strikes up a relationship with his female captive while being pursued by an aging US Marshal with his own moral dilemma.

Lost Cause by David Schroeder.  LOGLINE: Pete Berger, medically retired explosives expert, fights a private war to salvage a lost nuclear bomb, while fighting Black-Ops terrorist off the coast of Florida.

Leave It Be by Jordan Essary.  LOGLINE: A determined brother and his strong-willed sister fight the consequences of their Grandfather's secret past, after a life threatening ultimatum is arranged against them by a handful of residents from a small town.

Magic by Matthew Sconce.  LOGLINE: A detective (John Michael) loses his daughter in a tragic bus accident. Two years later, and orphan girl of the same age appears claiming to possess supernatural powers. As the world rallies to her call to believe nothing is impossible, John must discover the truth about her, his daughter, and the power of belief itself.

Merry Tex-Mas by James Christopher.  LOGLINE: Tyler brings new girlfriend, Holly (a Yankee, no less!), home to Texas for Christmas and, as she tries to blend in, family drama threatens to overtake the holiday. Secret Santas, old flames and Empty Nest Syndrome might be more than ol' St. Nick can handle.

My Father's Son by Sammie Byrd.  LOGLINE: After being accused of shooting an unarmed black man while on patrol, Officer Connor Hill uncovers the dark past of his city and family during his search for evidence to clear his name.

Paradise Pond by Lorraine Portman.  LOGLINE: An unassertive college Freshman, Beth, is introduced to the intoxicating power of submission and the emancipation of erotic slavery by her married History Professor, and teaches his wife how deadly true love can become after he is killed and Beth takes control of more than her own destiny.

WINNER Peach Fest by O. Corbin Saleken.  LOGLINE: For four teenagers, Peach Fest 1988 is going to be the ultimate summer party... well, sort of.

Rapacious by Zeb Halsell.  LOGLINE: A young college student struggling to find himself and his purpose in life accompanies his physics professor on an impulsive journey to discover a long forgotten ancient mysterious relic only to find themselves entangled in a worldwide conspiracy web that involves the Russian mob.

Real Sharp Knives by Erik Olson.  LOGLINE: Ernest White, a suburban man tired of his suburban life, struggles to find meaning in a world of paranoia and knife salesmen. Ernest encounters a dead neighbor, a pregnant wife, and a horrible dinner party in his search for truth.

Resurrection Time Conspiracy by James Carroll.  LOGLINE: The Institute of Learning employs the greatest minds across the world to create a matter transfer machine. But the institute is really a covert organization funded by Islamic Extremists and the matter transfer machine is being created as a GPS bomb delivery system.

Return To Freedom by Bristol Mac Donald.  LOGLINE: Emma Wilson, a timid young woman escapes a violently abusive relationship and with nowhere else to go, returns to her family's remote horse ranch where she must face her brother Frank, a volatile bully and the reason she left home years ago.

Seasons of Faith by Kenneth G. Milner & Scott A. Mollette

Slaughtered Lambs by James Christopher.  LOGLINE: A church retreat from a fundamentalist West Texas church goes ary when members start drying.

The Best Version of You by Mark Ward & Shannon Meehan.  LOGLINE: An agoraphobic home care android and her abusive owner struggle to coexist when a visit from an upgraded model forces them to confront their issues.

The Outlaw Henry Starr's Absolutely (Mostly) True Tales of Derring-Do by Mark Archuleta.  LOGLINE: In 1919, Oklahoma bank robber Henry Starr ended his life of crime and began a more despicable career -- he went into show business.

The Salt Box by Robert J. Rogers.  LOGLINE: Deep in the heart of dixie, a southern belle shoots, shackles, and enslaves a Union soldier. What happens next, only true love could recognize.

The Valley of Blood by James Christopher.  LOGLINE: In the late 1860's, as a wagon train moves west toward Oregon in search of a fresh start, four riders must commit unthinkable acts of violence in order to keep their families safe. 

Through the Land of Illusion by Gunnar Garrett.  LOGLINE: Siblings fight over a magical land, until the return of one young girl causes the final battle to ensue.

Who Am I Now by L. Elizabeth Powers. LOGLINE: Jackson Bailey's 40th birthday induced mid-life crisis is interrupted when he must return to his small northern Louisiana hometown to take care of his dementia-ridden father and ailing mother.

2017 screenplay contest finalists


Death Gets His by Robin Hohweiler.  LOGLINE: What would happen if Death arrived to collect a soul only to find that he had the wrong address?

Echoes by Matthew Sconce.  LOGLINE: A little girl wakes up inside a dark metal tank, which is slowly filling water and has flash forwards of what her life will be like if she makes it out alive.

Everybody Lies by O. Corbin Saleken.  LOGLINE: The mayor has to give an important press conference under uniquely difficult circumstances.

From Nowhere by Joshua Carr.  LOGLINE: In a dystopian future, a girl who has never fit in finds her role in the world.

Mitch Micheal's Greatest Joke by Andrew Johnson.  LOGLINE: Mitch Micheal decides not to be funny for a whole week to see how people treat him differently.

Rena & Chuck by Christene Chen.  LOGLINE: A pair of runaway outlaws prepare for their last heist.

Retribution by Marc Allen.  LOGLINE: Lucy is a teenager looking for independence who finds solace in her dad's friend Lee. Lee is a disgruntled former police officer who sees Lucy as his girlfriend and kidnapped her. Holding her hostage Lee finds himself facing his friend's rage. Based on true events.

WINNER Rigby Sees by Damien Patrik.  LOGLINE: Filmmaker Rigby Sees wants to give up his commercially successful comedy work and create films that are more meaningful.

The Girl Who Cried Blood by Jocelyn Treece

The Thousand Legged Terror by Mike Hickey.  LOGLINE: Sophie, who has been tasked with caring for her young nephew Peter, finds herself on a deserted country road late at night. 

They Eat The Bad Things by Sean Lee & Dana Brewer.  LOGLINE: When spiders start making themselves frequent guests in two young women's new apartment, the roommates start to realize their building manager might be hiding a dark secret.

​Yes And by Adrienne Dawes.  LOGLINE: Tessa is a 30-something comedic improviser whose love life is blocked. When she meets fellow funny man Gabe, she's excited to "Yes And" a potential new relationship until she learns disturbing details about his past.