TV Pilots/webseries screenplay FINALISTS


Branded (Boise, ID) Writer: Christian Lybrook

LOGLINE: A disgraced ex-state trooper turned cattle cop, is pulled into the police detective's murder investigation of a prominent ranching family when their cattle are found skinned alive. 

Cannibals (Los Angeles, CA), Writer: Jacob Shelton

LOGLINE: When four friends accidentally murder their neighbor they have no choice but to eat his body to hide the evidence.

Marge & Jim (San Luis Obispo, CA) Writer: Michael Frank

LOGLINE: It's a story about aging and dying, about living life to the fullest. It's a simple story with an ageless theme.

Oaksterdum (Burlingame, CA) Writers: Nemanja Colovic & Jay D. Waxman

LOGLINE: Meet Milkovich, Newbelhi and Virginschlong — three immigrants chasing their American dreams in the boiling over melting pot that is OAKSTERDUM.

P.I. (Jones, OK) Writer: Cheyenne Lee Edgemon

LOGLINE: A seasoned cryptid P.I. and his rag tag group must navigate an uproar of cases in a world where monsters are going extinct, but a wanna be cult and the new american union seem to be stirring up a fading world.

(WINNER) Remotely Working (La Mesa, CA) Writers: Bill Baber

LOGLINE: Five quirky millennials work remotely for an international tech corporation.

A Tale of Two Cities Episode 1 (Madison, WI) Writer: Michael O'Rourke

LOGLINE: Parisian emigrants find refuge in London from the predatory mind of the French aristocracy on the eve of the French Revolution.


Backwards and Forward! (Canada) Writer: Joseph Pucci

LOGLINE: What was meant to be a fun weekend in a cabin up north with friends, does not go as planned when an uninvited guest crashes the party.

Bathe With Me One More Time (United Kingdom) Writer: Kamila Stopyra

LOGLINE: A traumatized girl gets into a romance with her adoptive brother, who yet is unable to substitute the parental love she was deprived of.

Bigfoot: Naked and Untamed (Fargo, OK) Writer: Robin Hohweiler

LOGLINE: Three wholly amateur filmmakers, a barking goat, and an assortment of unpaid, naked Bigfoot hunters set off to make a reality television pilot in the wilds of the Colorado Rockies.

Diplomatic Ammunity! (San Diego, CA) Writer: Jonathan LaPoma

LOGLINE: A struggling Hollywood screenwriter recruits his former best friends to help him write a script about a series of pranks they pulled in high school, and they discover why their friendship fell apart. 

Duel of the Immortals  Writer: Michael Girball
LOGLINE: Two immortal men quest for the Spear of Destiny, while an organized group wants the secrets of their immortality.

Every Little Bit Hurts (United Kingdom) Writer: Anthony Longman

LOGLINE: On the run from a Wyoming prison, an escaped con kidnaps a young girl and heads for Portland to try and find her estranged daughter.

(WINNER) Haunt (Oklahoma), Writer: Alex Allen Workman

LOGLINE: Tulsa, 1935 , Edward Hall finds himself in the midst of a cover-up by a crooked police chief. He must discover the evil that no one else can while protecting the identity of everyone involved. 

In Wonderland (Los Angeles, CA) Writer: Summer Starrs

LOGLINE: 14 year old Alice experiences Wonderland Junior High school for the first time through the eyes of a long time home-schooled girl only to learn about a secret order to the chaos that runs the school.

I,Phine'd (Los Angeles, CA) Writer: Jeffrey C Bassetti

LOGLINE: A young girl wakes to find that she and her friends have a scalding aversion to sunlight… cast no reflections… and have an insatiable thirst for human blood. 

Part of the Family (McKinney, TX) Writer: Todd Hutchinson 

LOGLINE: A federal agent working on the case of a ruthless mob family is confronted with a dilemma when he falls in love with the mob boss's daughter.

Pulp Science Fiction (Wyoming) Writer: Ron Podell

LOGLINE: Key characters overlap in three interlocking Halloween tales.

Portia's Journey (Manning, SC) Writers: Sylvia Clark & Caroline Rhode

LOGLINE: A woman in the early 1900's defies the odds to become the first female doctor in South Carolina, only to find herself caught in the midst of the Bolshevik Revolution and attempts to lead her family back home.

Rainbows and Silver Buckles: The Adventures of Joe and Muz (Columbia, TN) Writer: Stuart Schulz

LOGLINE: A framed story in which an indefatigable pioneer couple chase life's rainbows while living on an enchanted island in Alaska and enduring the harshness of the early 20th century.

Red String (Baytown, TX) Writer: Heather Cates

LOGLINE: A naive single mother searches for her soulmate and ends up learning to be a more independent woman and a better mother through failed relationships and helping her children through debilitating illnesses, bullying, and an insensitive father.

Secrets (Denver, CO) Writer: Lori Kay Allred

LOGLINE: A widowed mother’s life unravels after coping with a yet another loss, but things take an unexpected turn when she discovers her family secrets.

Seriah's Legacy (Virginia Beach, VA) Writer: Julie M Kaufman

LOGLINE: It was during that first nuzzle, which began the relationship between a young girl and her horse. It was through Emily’s determination, the unconditional love she has for Seriah and her promise to be their voice, even if it meant sacrificing her own life to save theirs.

sHERlock (San Diego, CA) Writers: Mary Wasche & Stan Jones

LOGLINE: Sherlock Holmes must rescue a beautiful actress’s nephew from a secret London boy brothel while hiding an even bigger secret: He’s actually a woman compelled by Victorian gender prejudices to pass as a man in order to become the world’s greatest detective.

Taxi Meters (Ecuador) Writers: Ivan Avila Perez & Sebastian Trujillo

LOGLINE: A taxi driver relishes getting even with the woman who left him disabled. Another organizes a family picnic to win his mother-in-law’s affection and, if that doesn’t work... murder her.

Thank You, Amelia Earhart (Oklahoma City, OK) Writer: Al Mertens

LOGLINE: Health issues are finally forcing Myrtle out of her house. In her nineties, she's foul-mouthed and bigoted to everyone, including Season, her latest fresh-out-of-school caregiver. 

The Fight After (Oakdale, CA) Writer: Gunnar E Garrett Jr.

LOGLINE: An Olympic hopeful teen girl is pushed to her breaking point by her father, and finds her true fight, is outside of the ring.

The Imbalance (Australia) Writer: Naomi Lisner

LOGLINE: Sally and Celeste are two best friends in their 50's. After a life of raising a family, and a series of terrible dates they both return to acting and are both met with a string of rejections.

The Next Day After (Canada) Writer: Joseph Pucci

LOGLINE: After waking up on a park bench in Washington Square Park, Emilie is forced to deal with the after effects of a long night of drinking.

The Omega Tots (Los Angeles, CA) Writer: Jeffrey C Bassetti

LOGLINE: A group of children have made their own world inside the walls of Santa Rita Prison where they live, thrive, and survive without parental supervision—They just have one rule to follow—Don’t look over the wall.

The Proper Study of Zanny Stone  Writer: Rob Weinstein

LOGLINE: In 1976 an experiment in love leads to the most unexpected of results.

The Weak Outdoors (Oakdale, CA) Writer: Gunnar E Garrett Jr.

LOGLINE: An accountant plans a week long camping trip in hopes of reconnecting with his teen daughter.

Town of Samhain (Bentonville, AR) Writer: Mike Kelleher

LOGLINE: A young woman will travel to another place filled with the weird, the spooky, and the terrifying. The past will haunt her, the accused will be Judged, and inner fears manifest in the Town of Samhain.

Viv Through The Night  Writer: Jared Egol

LOGLINE: A grieving daughter struggles to come to terms with her life after her mother splits into two personalities, and the only personality capable of loving the daughter is dying of a terminal illness.

Zirah Ann Conway (Oakland, CA) Writer: Nathaniel Garcia

LOGLINE: Zirah's world is shattered when her son goes missing while she shops on Christmas Eve. She descends into downward spiral of booze, drugs and cheap sex until, one day, she realizes the horrible truth of where her son went that terrible Christmas Eve.

4th of July (Canada) Writer: Erin Cardiff

LOGLINE: In the United States nearly 750,000 people are reported missing each year, but in Allenstown, NH 35 years ago four girls were not even reported missing until they were found.

2018 screenplay contest finalists

Can Ryan Come Out To Play? (Pennsylvania) Writer: Samantha Kolesnik

Char Wars (Wyoming) Writer: Ron Podell

LOGLINE: In a galaxy far, far away…man. After the Cannabis Wars, better known as the "Char Wars," Hoowk Highwalker, leader of the Reefer Resistance, tracks the evil Darth Vaper to the outpost planet Abaca Ganja. Something about a hand.

(WINNER) Cherry Glazed (Alta Loma, CA), Writer: Christine Sherwood

LOGLINE: A crime boss is forced to get her hands dirty to clean up her subordinates mess when they fail to handle a job.

City Creatures (Kutztown, PA) Writer: Michael Johnston

LOGLINE: A cosmopolitan couple plans their first birthday party in the suburbs for their 8-year old son. They soon discover their neighbors’ fanatical animal bumper stickers, a mysterious stone in the backyard, and paw imprints in the garage.

Conversations at 3,500 Feet (Denver, CO) Writer: Lori Kay Allred

LOGLINE: Brooklyn's first day as a flight attendant proves more interesting than expected.

Duet (Los Angeles, CA) Writer: Lisanne Sartor

LOGLINE: Murielle loves her daughter. Perhaps too much.

Fortuity (South Glens Falls, NY) Writer: Kayla Ditlefsen

LOGLINE:The truth about a young man's marriage comes to surface moments after a car crash.

FutureHealth (Denmark) Writer: Sarah Polhaus

LOGLINE: On the day after wife and mother Anna Freeman’s sixty year old birthday she, like all citizens turned sixty, is scheduled to undergo the so-called “Procedure” in the private clinic “FUTUREHEALTH” that has dramatically and successfully brought down all deadly diseases.

Georgia  Writer: Jennifer Miller

LOGLINE: Georgia tries her best to survive her abusive husband and protect her kids at the same time. One night it all goes terribly wrong.

Nasty (Chicago, IL) Writers: Sean Patrick Leonard & Leslie Kerrigan-Leyh

LOGLINE: In a response to the Women's March, a monthly book club is turned on it's ear when it's members decide to take the law into their own hands and get down to the bottom of what is going on with our country.

Nour (Dubai) Writer: Maitha Alawadi

LOGLINE: A young optimistic Syrian refugee, Adnan, meets Mohsin at Mersin’s docks in 2015 as they both wait for the ship delivering their families safely from their warring country.

Paradigm Shift (Canada) Writer: Katherine Fitzgerald

LOGLINE: A poet is transformed by discovering her electrical connection to the cosmos.

Saira (New York, NY) Writer: John Kontoyannis

LOGLINE: Saira, a Jethwa/attobite hybrid alien, mysteriously appears in the middle of Hugo Crane's farm. She is, at first, thought to be a sinister being but she reveals that her intentions are not evil. She is here to save us from the occupying and lethal alien force known as the Vaar.

Scar (Republic, MO) Writer: Ellen Simmonds

LOGLINE: After a brutal attack, a woman and her husband move into a new home with hopes of creating harmony in their lives, but an unlikely neighbor has sinister plans.

The Doughnut Admirer (Green Bay, WI) Writer: Muse Seymour

LOGLINE: The monotony of working in an office everyday gets turned upside down when a bored man steps into his cubicle to find a doughnut from a deranged secret admirer that will make his work life into a farce.

The Gift (Kingstree, SC) Writer: Sulondia "Sue-Ham" Hammond

LOGLINE: In hopes to earn the love of his judgmental father, Rob gives him a priceless gift. Will it be enough?

The Web (West Hollywood, CA) Writer: Waide Riddle

LOGLINE: A handsome man wakes up in a strange bed with a strange and beautiful girl. He soon learns that she knows way too much about him and the horrible things she has done to his body.