We Die Alone (Studio City, CA, 24 mins) 

Directed by Marc Cartwright.  Written by Marc Cartwright & Cassie Keet

Gone (Australia, 15 mins) 

Directed by William Jackson.  Written by Sam Siversson

Caprock (Big Spring, TX, 15 mins) 

Directed by James Fite.  Written by James Fite & Hollie Gonzales

The Wick (UK, 15 mins) 

Directed by Sabine Crossen.  Written by Michelle Coverley

Solstice (Centerport, NY, 15 mins) 

Directed by Lisandro Perez-Rey.  Directed by Lisandro Perez-Rey & Laura Sweeney

Love Me Tinder (Chicago, IL, 13 mins) 

Written & Directed by Sean Patrick Leonard

Lake Forest Road (USA, 7 mins) 

Directed by Ashton Avila.  Written by Richard Tango

Thirst (USA, 7 mins) 

Directed by Wylie Rush.  Written by Wylie Rush, Zoe Curzi, Luca Rojas & Jackie Abbott

2021 wtf!!! shorts

F*cking Ghosts (Los Angeles, CA mins) 

Written & Directed by Jason Cook

David French Is A Piece of Sh*t and I Want Him Dead (UK, 12 mins) 

Written & Directed by Mark van Heusden

In The Mirrors (Los Angeles, CA, 7 mins) 

Written & Directed by Merlin Camozzi

12/14 (Chicago, IL, 10 mins) 

Directed by Shaun Graves & Rob Merritt.  Written by Shaun Graves, Greg Rodgers & Nick Foreman

Hang Up (Los Angeles, CA, 3 mins) 

Written & Directed by Cameron Dinwiddle